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How to Honor Staff

Every day, we hear from patients about their dedicated doctors, nurses and technicians who provided exceptional, compassionate care.White Plains Hospital is all about people and their stories.

Every day, we hear from patients about their dedicated doctors, nurses, and technicians who provided exceptional, compassionate care.

Many tell us about housekeeping staff, food servers, parking attendants and other employees who made a difference in their hospital experience by providing comfort, warmth, support and kindness to them and their loved ones.

As a non-profit organization, White Plains Hospital depends largely on donations to maintain our exceptional facility and services. Charitable giving does not require great wealth. Any size gift to White Plains Hospital will be cherished, especially those made in honor of a special doctor, nurse or staff member.

How can you demonstrate your appreciation for the excellent care you or a loved one received?

Make a Gift in Recognition of Special Care

We will inform each person you honor of your gift (the amount will remain confidential) and they will also receive an angel pin to wear proudly as a symbol of your gratitude.

White Plains Hospital is more than a building—it’s a collection of people and their stories.

Make a gift in honor of a staff memberClick here to make a donation in honor of a doctor

Make a gift in honor of a staff memberClick here to make a donation in honor of a staff member

Share YOUR Story

We love when patients and families share their stories of unique or special experience at White Plains Hospital. Telling your story about an exceptional clinician, nurse or staff member serves as inspiration for all of us to go above and beyond to care for members of our community.

You can send a letter to Susan Fox, President and Chief Executive Officer of White Plains Hospital, at:

41 East Post Road
White Plains, NY 10601

Patient Testimonials

Patient stories and accounts like these recent examples shared below reflect the uniquely personalized level of care that White Plains Hospital delivers.

One patient’s account of the staff in the Dickstein Cancer Pavilion
“Your staff is more than accommodating, kind, polite and puts you at ease at a time that is very stressful. I am grateful to be in the hands of your very competent staff. Not only do I feel I am in a safe and caring environment, but everyone’s attitude is so upbeat that you can only smile while in the presence of these very capable people. My radiation oncologist ... is not only competent but kind-hearted, soft spoken and has a special relaxing quality to her that is so very desirable at a time like this.” (White Plains, N.Y.)

Upon bringing his wife into the hospital for unexpected kidney complications, this gentleman shares his observations of staff interactions across different departments
“... It all began for me every morning as a sweet receptionist greeted me at the front desk lobby, and with a smile would set the tone for the following eight days. I came into contact with many people from different departments while my wife was in the hospital. Food servers, the catering manager and the ladies in the café on the ground floor—even the parking lot attendees—were always very courteous. Everyone responded in a most gracious manner. There is great evidence that in your hospital you hold providing great care, cleanliness and professional ethics to a very high standard. A hospital stay is never a pleasant one, but perhaps this one time, for us it will be a story with many positive moments.” (Bronx, N.Y.)

An individual treated in the ambulatory surgery unit shares how he felt cared and concerned for
“I would be remiss if I did not bring attention to the remarkable care I received from everyone [in the ambulatory surgery unit]. From the telephone call the night before to confirm the surgery to the admission staff the day of the surgery, and of course the medical/nursing staff throughout the entire process, everyone expressed their concern for my comfort and the care given to me was far beyond what I expected.” (Rye Brook, N.Y.)

A patient describes his positive experience in the ER, despite a particularly busy day
“I was aware of everything going on and was scared. The ER staff was wonderful. They were responsive and organized and paid as much attention to me as a person as they did with my medical issues. I would add too that it was a particularly busy day when a lot of organizations would not have been as sensitive to the anxiety that a patient has and would not have thought that being positive and supportive was worth the time. The nurses as a group were terrific. They worked quickly and were very pleasant and professional.” (New Rochelle, N.Y.)

A patient with cancer recognizes the White Plains Hospital difference
“My memories of treatment in New York: sitting in skimpy hospital gowns in a waiting area … waiting, on average, an hour … maybe a female attendant in the radiation area, maybe not ... lost lab samples … not being alerted to side effects … I opted this time to go to White Plains Hospital. This time, I felt that my doctors were truly trying to help me. The radiation area preserved the dignity of the patients; the technicians were kind, respectful and competent; and even the valet parking attendants were kind, compassionate and helpful ... I knew my doctor was carefully monitoring the dosage and my progress. The nurses were caring and gentle and really got to know the patients.” (Scarsdale, N.Y.)

A patient who came to White Plains Hospital with a broken ankle commends a physician’s assistant for going above and beyond
“... She was so kind and gentle to me. She took the time and effort to explain everything about my injury and make my splint until I could make an appointment with an orthopedist. When it was time for her to get off duty, she never rushed me or became impatient … she had to make sure I could walk with my splint, and she did so, sacrificing her own time to go home to make sure I was alright. She even saw to it that I got to my car safely. She is a credit to your hospital.” (Eastchester, N.Y.)

This patient commends a member of the cleaning staff who went above and beyond
“[She] left a pre-printed note which stated that the room was cleaned that day. However, she also penned a personal note for me to have a wonderful day and heal quickly. I can not express how much that note touched me.” (Scarsdale, N.Y.)

Patient Testimonials

Everyone expressed their concern for my comfort and the care given to me was far beyond what I expected... read more